Give a permanent presence to your devices and apps with Reverse Service Workers. Interact with them safely at any time from anywhere. Share them by simply exchanging a URL. Integrate them with VR/AR →


Launch year-long activities in the Cloud. Use Proactive Server Side Rendering to make them feel local. Complement a request-response model with events from these activities. Learn more about cloud-based multitasking →


Simplify the integration of services with reliable sequencing, safe management of API credentials, and consistent caching of dynamic content. Dynamic Jamstack made easier →


Start your app with collaborative multi-tenancy built-in. Mediate interactions with a Trusted Bus, which handles authentication and access control. Scale with high-level communication services. Combine video, audio, and devices with the WAB architecture →

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Fully managed backend that delivers predictable performance, and profit per customer, with a baseline cost of less than $6 per year.